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My name is Beatrice Chi (Bea for short) --- I was welcomed into my adopted family's hearts and home in March 2004 !!. I am a purebred Blue Chow Chow and turned 13 years old in January ... darn, I didn't a bunny as a birthday present !!

I live in Delta (Ladner), British Columbia. My daytime job is as a security guard. I'm always on the lookout for squirrels that might try and trespass on my property. At night, it's those raccoons that you have to be on watch for ... when I see them crossing the road in the moonlight, I definitely bark up a storm. Unfortunately, I also see the occasional skunk, and as they say, I am not skunk-safe ... had 'encounters' twice last year!

Why is my web site titled Pansy-Paws, you may wonder? It is named after my delicate cat-like paws, which don't like walking on rocks, pebbles, metal grates, manhole covers, chestnuts on the sidewalk ... you get the idea. I will go out of my way to walk on a nice surface. You see, my pads are not as thick as most other dog breeds, hence their sensitive nature.

My web site was newly revised for 2016, but I still plan to add more information; things like:

Oh yeah ... and my parents twisted my paw to include their hobbies on my web site as well. For example, every year they set up a large Christmas light display outside, so I have extra guarding to do when those cars and buses slow down.

I also like to get e-mail - especially from other Chows or Chow-lovers. Drop me a line at

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