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In the contestant booklet of the 1953 Dominion Chess Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba, John was profiled as follows [Research note: this was his third and last time competing at the Canadian Championships] :

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Taylor came to this country at the age of 14, and after a brief pause in Regina, settled down in Vancouver. He won the British Columbia Championship at 21 - five years after being taught to play. He has won that title on five occasions, his latest triumph being in 1953 when he and Salia tied for first. At present, Mr. Taylor is the Traffic Manager of Forests Limited Department Store, a position he has held for the last five years 
Taylor, John Monteith (I76)
2 *Prisoner of the Iroquois Oneiouts at Cap-Rouge with his son Charles 10 Jun 1653. *Last name also Gareman dit LePicard. Gareman, Pierre (I2599)
3 *Was a merchant. Mezeray, Jean (I2601)
4 a Corporal in Eben Lathrop's Company of militia from Norwich. He enlisted August 29, 1777, and was in Col. Jonathan Latimer's Regiment of militia serving as reinforcements for Gen. Gates at Saratoga. Assigned to Gen. Poor's Continental Brigade in Benedict Arnold's Division. He fought battles on Sept. 19 and Oct 9, 1777. Also in Captain N. Waterman's company in the 20th Regiment of militia on tour of duty to New London Sept.6-8, 1781, by order of Colonel Zabdiel Rogers. (Record of Connecticut Men) Lathrop, Simeon (I1156)
5 A tree was dedicated as a living memory of Jean Seright Seright, Jean Barron (I4339)
6 According to census records, between 1851 and 1871, Charlotte Gosselin, listed as a servant, resided with Jean Baptiste and his family. That would indicate a middle class status for him and his family Carrier, Jean Baptiste (I217)
7 According to the book, "Mayflower Decendants : Wheelmaker of Danvers", Samuel was baptized with his daughter at Salem Village on Sept 13, 1719; his will was dated Aug 21, 1771 and proved Jan 3, 1774.

Samuel's ggrandfather, William White, was one of the Pilgrim Fathers who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620. William White was born on November 10 1591 in Of Leydon, Holland. He married Susanna Fuller, daughter of Robert and Frances Fuller, on February 11 1611/12 in Leydon, Holland. He died on February 21, 1620/21 in Plymouth, Massachusetts at age 29, one of the many settlers who died during the first harsh winter. He was buried on March 3 1620/21 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Susanna Fuller was born in 1594 in Redenhall, Norfolk, England. She died on October 1 1680 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Samuel's grandfather, Resolved White, was also a Mayflower passenger, as a young child. Resolved White was born circa 1615 in Holland or England. He married Judith Vassall on April 8 1640 in Scituate, Massachusetts. He later married Abigail Lord on October 5 1674 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. He died in 1680 in Massachusetts. Judith Vassall was born circa 1619. She died on April 13 1670 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Samuel's father, Josiah White was born on September 29 1654 in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts. He married Remember Read, daughter of Thomas Read and Mary ???, WFT Est 1673 1703. Josiah was a house carpenter. He died before June 5 1710 in Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts. Remember Read was born February 26 1655 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, and baptized two years later on April 26 1657, although another source has her birth date on April 26 1657 as well 
White, Samuel (I1239)
8 According to the book, Saxon Origin of the Fry Families - 1928:

John ffrie is said to have been dorn in Basing, England, in April 1601 although there is no record of any ffrie family being known there. All ancient records were burned in the destruction of the town in 1645 by Cromwell 
Frye, John (I2003)
9 After getting married, he stayed one year in Moncton, then started west in 1909. The family spent the winter in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His CP Railway position transferred Ernest to Calgary in March 1910 where he worked for two years Berry, Ernest (I80)
10 After graduation with a Doctor of Medicine, William and family moved to Greenock, Inverclyde. It was there that he established a very distinguished medical practice, living in the community for close to 50 years.

William also enjoyed traveling, particularly to continental Europe. He was a collector of paintings from noted local artists showing coastal scenery, and an avid book collector 
Seright, Dr. William (I747)
11 Also in 1851, Solomon's neighbor was Matthias Berry, age 56 of English origin, married to Delia, age 43. It is assumed that Matthias was Solomon's father. Input from other researchers on this match is appreciated. Delia is likely the same person shown as Dilly Berry, age 74, in the 1881 census, still living next door to Solomon Ricker, Deliah (I1456)
12 Also seen as Moupas. Maupas, Pierre (I2624)
13 At some point in his youth (it is presumed), he traveled to Australia to participate in the gold rush fever that swept New South Wales after the discovery of gold nuggets in 1851 by an American, Edward Hargraves. Alexander would have been only 13 years old when gold was first discovered, so we can assume that his trip was some years later. Gold mining continued for most of the century, but the major action in the Australian goldfields, when large nuggets were extracted, occurred by 1861, when Alexander would have been 23.

From his Australia mining experience, Alexander is known to have passed on a large gold nugget to each of his five McKinlay nephews. From all accounts, this represented a very successful gold mining experience, since most miners spent all of their gold on food, supplies, and services while still in the goldfields. The cost of these goods generally increased when more gold was found in a given region ... the end result being that product and service suppliers were the big winners in the goldfields.

Two of the nuggets passed onto Alexander's nephews are still accounted for, and have remained with McKinlay surnames sons down through the family 
McKinlay, Alexander (I1678)
14 Attended for Mildred McClelland on August 18, 1926 wedding to Claude. Mitchell, Romey (I1507)
15 became the first man to carry mail from Amisk to Puffer, on a weekly basis, starting Seright, Alexander (I716)
16 Birth, according to various census records, is listed as being anywhere from 1610 to 1620. Mezeray, Rene Nopces dit (I2597)
17 brought her brother John's three children (Mildred, Frederick and John) out to Calgary in August 1909 to join their father. John's wife, Isabella, had died earlier that year in Belfast McClelland, Agnes (I203)
18 came to New Brunswick in 1818, and thereafter used his mother's maiden name, Gaskin Gaskin, William (I1971)
19 Charles E. Cline
409 Milford Street
Manchester, NH
(603) 647-5374 
Source (S217)
20 Customer pedigree. Source (S395)
21 established Berry Mills, New Brunswick Berry, Jonathan (I3279)
22 Eveche de Soissens. Guillemette, Nicolas (I2605)
23 founded the fishing community of Steveston on Lulu Island, now part of Richmond, B.C. He arrived in 1877 and liked the rich delta soil and tidal flats so similar to his former farm in Coverdale, New Brunswick. He wrote to his family to follow him, and they arrived in May of 1878 Steeves, Manoah (I4256)
24 had to sell the land to cover his debts and bought a pub in Clough, Ireland. The pub went broke, but son-in-law John McClelland took over, and apparently did alright.
Sloan, Robert (I193)
25 He was made a Church Member Dec. 25, 1832 Newent Congregational Church Lisbon Connecticut. Russel was a Lieutenant in Connecticut Militia for War of 1812. He served as a Cavalry Commander in New London July 16-Sept 2, 1813. (Record of Service of Connecticut Men) Rose, Russel (I1154)
26 In 1851, Delia Steeves (a younger sister of Hannah), age 8, was listed as a lodger with the family Steeves, Delia (I3868)
27 In a freak accident on December 23, 1895, Billy Steeves was killed by a tree falling between his horses and his stagecoach as he rode on the stage pole to make room for one more passenger. Neither his horses nor his passengers were injured. A winter gale blew the tree down on Granville Street partly because road builders from Vancouver digging gravel from a pit had loosened the tree roots. With one child, Edith, and another soon due, Billy's wife Ida sued the Municipality of Vancouver and got a sizeable insurance settlement Steeves, Walter Herbert (I4351)
28 In the Pictorial History of St. Paul, a Joseph Carrier is shown as applying for a homestead in the St. Paul district on April 10, 1909. On the same day, a Pete Carrier is also listed. A close family friend, Alphonse Morin (know as uncle Alphonse, although not related) also filed for a homestead that day.
The Joseph Carrier listed is either a different individual, or Joseph was married in Maine in 1904, registered in St. Paul, then returned to Maine, where several children were born as late as 1914 
Carrier, Joseph Leon (I84)
29 Information collected by Harold J. Keith for Leon Stiles, Historian of The Stiles Family Assoc., 1798 Stiles Rd., RFD # 1, Penn Yan, NY, 14527. Edgar, George (I1934)
30 Information collected by Harold J. Keith for Leon Stiles, Historian of The Stiles Family Assoc., 1798 Stiles Rd., RFD # 1, Penn Yan, NY, 14527. MacLeod, Arthur (I2290)
31 Information collected by Harold J. Keith for Leon Stiles, Historian of The Stiles Family Assoc., 1798 Stiles Rd., RFD # 1, Penn Yan, NY, 14527. Lowe, Arlene (I2490)
32 John had come to Canada to participate in that year's harvest in August or September. The reasoning behind the move from Ireland without Isabella has not been determined. His three children born to Isabella remained in Belfast until August 1909, when his sister, Agnes McClelland brought them to Calgary to join him McClelland, John (I190)
33 John lived with his daughter Marjorie and son-in-law Hal Lindsay in his later years, living to celebrate his 100th birthday. He was a soldier during WWI, having received a schrapnel injury that left him with one leg paralyzed McKinlay, John Reid Taylor (I837)
34 John's cousin, Sarah Townsend McKinlay, recalled the events surrounding his death as follows: "John had gone hunting with friends in the Red Deer area in Alberta, but didn't feel very good so he stayed in the car. When the fellows returned, he was doubled over with pain. They took him to a doctor, and he died. His wife at home spoke to their own doctor and he said there wasn't anything anybody could have done for him. So he was 32, and left a baby in arms" McKinlay, John McKirdy (I869)
35 Knitter Stief, Hans Heinrich (I5652)
36 Leon Stiles, Historian of The Stiles Family Assoc., 1798 Stiles Rd., RFD # 1, Penn Yan, NY, 14527. McKenzie, Elizabeth (I2357)
37 Leon Stiles, Historian of The Stiles Family Assoc., 1798 Stiles Rd., RFD #1, Penn Yan, NY, 14527. Atkinson, William (I2358)
38 Leon Stiles, Historian of The Stiles Family Assoc., 1798 Stiles Rd., RFD #1, Penn Yan, NY, 14527. Minor, Silvanus (I2359)
39 Leon Stiles, Historian of The Stiles Family Assoc., 1798 Stiles Rd., RFD #1, Penn Yan, NY, 14527. Somers, Sophia (I2368)
40 lived a simple life but focussed on the good times and joys. While money was tough to come by living on welfare, she enjoyed simple activities such as playing plastic bat ball with her two girls in the schoolyard or looking after her pets through the years, especially her big cat Sonny. Even though her and Franciscus lived apart for most of their lives, Yvette always made sure that he was doing well.
She had many friends who would visit, and particularly enjoyed having a cup of tea and a cigarette with them. For the last three years of her life, Yvette suffered from degenerative Alzeihmers, and was confined to a wheelchair or her bed for much of that time 
Carrier, Marie Yvette (I83)
41 lived with his daughter Murial in St. Albert (a suberb of Edmonton) for the last few years of his life Carrier, Leon Joseph (I146)
42 May or may not be Heinrich's Mother as Augustin had two or three wives. Died at age 63 Worner, Anna Barbara (I5645)
43 moved to Preston Connecticut in 1706 after selling his Salem lands to Isaac Peabody. [Research note: have not found a direct relationship link between his wife Keziah and Isaac yet]. On 7 Feb 1702/3 he and David Boardman purchased a 1000 acre farm on the Pachaug River (Preston Book of Deeds). The land is in what is now Griswold Connecticut. In 1718 and 1722 Joseph was representative to the General Assembly for Preston and in 1729 he was Captain of the 2nd Company of Trainband in Preston. Gravestones for Joseph and his wife Kezia are listed in the Hale collection; they therefore existed in the 30's. Unfortunately, they are no longer to be found. The Kinne cemetery is near the intersection of routes 165 and 201 in Griswold Connecticut. Approximately 1/4 mile from the intersection on route 201 there is a dam on the Pachaug River; the cemetery is barely visible from the road, on a hill on the south bank of the river above the dam. The cemetery is on land which formed the boundary between Joseph's farm and the farm his brother Thomas purchased in 1715 Kinne, Joseph (I1160)
44 moved with her parents to Port Coquitlam in 1913. After the family house was destroyed by fire in 1930, they moved to Merry Hill. She met her future husband while working at David Spencer (later Eatons), Thelma in the office, John in shipping.

At Thelma and John's wedding (photo shown), Thelma's sister (Helen) and John's brother (Dave) joined them in the bridal party. 
Berry, Thelma Hilda (I77)
45 proclaimed a freeman Kemball, Richard (I2021)
46 raised canaries as a hobby McClelland, John (I192)
47 Regina was probably anglicized to Rachel Stahleker, Regina (I5641)
48 Reprinted by Pequot Press, Chester, Connecticut Source (S288)
49 returned by train to Moncton in 1921 to nurse her dying mother. Took Elbert, Etta Margaret and Helen with her, leaving Thelma and Lionel at home Stiles, Flora Helen (I81)
50 Samuel enjoyed photography and inventing things. He also had great times with his children and grandchildren Seright, Samuel (I185)

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