Four McClelland Generations (photo taken in Nelson, B.C. 1958)

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The genealogy bug struck in 1995, soon after our McClelland grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Since then, we've conversed with numerous relatives and expanded our research. This web site includes key descendant lines from Ireland, Scotland, England, Netherlands, and Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick and Quebec).

Some of the more frequent surnames covered include : McClelland, Taylor, McKinlay, Berry, van Schilt, Carrier, Steeves/Stief, Stiles, and Turmelle.

We'd be pleased to hear from other researchers of these families ... and should you be so inclined, you can also contribute new information by using the "Suggest" tab displayed when viewing each individual.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Alexander McKinlay and the Australian gold rush In his youth, Alexander McKinlay (1838-1904) travelled to Australia to participate in the gold rush.

feature 2 The Seright Clan in Scotland Over three generations, the Serights established a significant presence in Scotland.

feature 3 Ancient Kinne Cemetery Established in the early 1700's, this cemetery contains over 70 gravestones, with the earliest dating from 1713.

feature 4 The Mystery of the Stiles Brick An intriguing link between the Kinne and Stiles families was located on a trip to Preston, Connecticut to explore the circa 1720 homestead of Deacon Thomas Kinne and Martha Cox.

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