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Elusive McKinlay Gold Nuggets

As described in the history "McKinlay in the Gold Fields", Alexander McKinlay (1838-1904) travelled to Australia in his youth to participate in the gold rush fever that swept New South Wales. From his successful Australian mining experience, Alexander is known to have passed on a large gold nugget to each of his five McKinlay nephews. Two of those nuggets are currently unaccounted for, with the latest known owners being, James McKinlay (son of James McKinlay and Caroline Seright), and John Reid Taylor McKinlay (one of the original nephews). Are there any leads out there?
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Seright Genealogy Research

Family stories recall that Robert Seright (b. Sept 8, 1909 in Calgary, Alberta) apparently did extensive research on the Seright surname, tracing the family through Scotland, Ireland, and back to Holland in the 1500's. Does anyone out there know of this genealogy research?
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