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Aquarium Setup and Livestock

375 gallon fish only tank

Welcome to our marine aquarium pages. The links at the right provide information on the system we installed, and some of its unique design elements. We also installed a lot of automation features to reduce the time and effort for aquarium maintenance.

After 10 months of planning and construction, a new home was completed for our marine fish in February 2005. This gave them ample room to swim and explore their surroundings, and allowed us to add a few more fish. The aquarium is a 375 gallon tank, constructed by Envision Acrylics. Made of 3/4 inch acrylic, the outer dimensions are 8 feet long, by 30 inches tall by 30 inches wide.

Rather than have the tank shipped, since we were within a 6 hour drive from Portland, we rented a van and picked the tank up ourselves in mid November 2004. In addition to getting a long weekend trip, we saved commercial shipping and crating charges ... savings which funded the trip itself.

We then added a sump and refugium, bringing the total volume to 500 gallons.

Given the size of some of our fish (as of June 2010, our largest fish is a 10 inch Annularis angel), we also have a large hospital/quarantine tank (72 gallon bowfront - a former reef aquarium). We started this hobby in early 2000, with the purchase of the reef tank ... and as is the norm for this hobby, the tanks just seemed to multiply.

At the maximum, we had three operating tanks, and found that too much time was being devoted to maintenance activities, with less time to enjoy. As a result, we downsized to just the 375 gallon tank.

Having marine aquariums is a fascinating hobby, but it does require considerable time, effort and research.

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