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Photo and Video Gallery - Christmas Lights 2013

Once again, Mom and Dad amped up their Christmas lights display on the house. It now has 10,000 lights and it takes them each weekend during November to set it up.

New this year is our “Birds on the Railing” Display. You’ll see parrots, doves, cardinals, ravens, flamingos, a blue jay … and even Woodstock makes an appearance!!

For the fifth year running, our house was listed in the local paper as one of the Christmas displays to check out. We have also found out that our house is now on a bus tour of Christmas lights for Ladner ... cool!

Still Shots:

The following photos highlight areas of the lighting display.

Cherry tree and flamingo  Mechanical deer  Van Dusen inspired trees  Van Dusen inspired trees    Ravens

Cardinal on railing  Blue Jay on railing  Cardinal on railing  Flamingo on railing    Cardinal family on railing

Woodstock on railing  Cardinal on railing  House front  House front    House side

Side yard  Van Dusen inspired trees  Front garden  Cardinal family on railing    Dove on railing

Blue Jay on railing  Flamingo on railing  Fence Gate display  Flamingo in yard    Parrots on railing

Santa climbing chimney  Santa climbing chimney  Front garden  Guard dog at front door

Outdoor Videos:

The following videos show the overall lighting display. These videos were taken from the street out front. You may need to increase your speaker volume to hear the music that the lights are synchronizing to.

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